David Clark

has utilized proven approaches to create value and impact for fast-growth companies since 2000.  He readily shares insights from his experience, and recently had the opportunity to do that via Forbes 

He has worked in 9 countries and visited 4 others.

He has been called upon by several larger organizations to bring clarity, focus, and alignment.  
Recent projects of this type include:
  Developing the 5-year strategy for a $150M extension of the NC state health system, refining the business model for their core offerings, and facilitating the creation of the organizational business plan.  In the process he also established decision models for evaluating new opportunities and drove overall organizational alignment. 

Habitat for Humanity International
as global SME he developed and implemented business planning and execution disciplines internationally for country programs, while training regional and country leadership. What he developed became the most requested service from HQ after finance!
He was then chosen to guide the senior leadership team to define, prioritize, structure, and execute strategic initiatives

David is a member of the first graduating class from Presidio Graduate School and led his previous firm to become one of the first B Corp certified companies in the southeast. 
He is a member of the Social Venture Network  and has been an active participant in related gatherings in the U.S. and Canada since 2008.

David’s clients include multi-million dollar fast growth enterprises and INGOs. 

When not facilitating change, he enjoys riding his bike in urban and natural settings, hiking in the mountains, making images, creating music, or a combination of all of the above. 

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